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Advanced Diploma in Learning and Development


If you are reading this, then you are a step closer to a world- class program. We felt the need to create a program which acts as a bridge for the people who are keen to make a transition into the world of Learning and Development (L&D) and for those people who are keen to enhance their skills and get certified, as in an integrated world economy you need a broader global perspective to help yourself secure a competitive advantage.

At Sequel Academy’s Advanced Diploma in Learning and Development program in collaboration with ITOL, UK you’ll learn from best in the field faculty who are deeply engaged with organizations across the globe.

The pedagogy is a blended learning approach, which ensures a right mix of classroom interaction, online modules and live project work, participants interact closely with the faculty and other senior executives who represent diverse companies from around the world. Lectures, business simulations, and small group discussions foster collaboration with peers from various functions, industries, and cultural backgrounds.

This program will keep you engaged and will encourage you to examine your approach to L&D by looking within: at personal milestones, challenges, and triumphs. As you step back from your day-to-day routine at the office, you’ll have the chance to reflect on where you’ve been and where you want to take your career.

This introspection is part of the growth process. It’s one of the reasons why many participants call ADLD program a life-changing experience.

I am keen to get you on board in this program and wish you happy learning!

In the spirit of making the difference!

Jimmy Jain
Director and CIO
Square Sequel Consulting

From the Program Dean

Greetings !

It’s my delight to immerse you into the freshness and excitement of learning, which is the perpetual wheel on which we travel through our lives. It has never been as challenging and exciting, with the advent of the impact of meta systems that humans do not control. Critical business transformation cannot be achieved without a well-endowed L&D; therefore, there will be no dearth of roles for contemporary L&D professionals for the now and in the future! 

The Advanced Diploma in Learning and Development (ADLD) that we have carefully stitched together helps you transform into a complete learning professional, demonstrating your abilities to make desired business impact through organizational learning and development.

The ADLD program is designed to provide you with a 360-desgree learning. The ADLD makes you a ready-to-perform L&D professional with applied skills developed through practice and demonstration of impact.

The blended design of ADLD ensures that your learning is sustained and impactful. The curriculum provides immersion through selective and elective tracks, and is delivered by globally acclaimed leaders in the learning and talent development domains

I urge you to take a deep-dive into the program and become a future-proof learning professional

Look forward to meeting you in the ADLD program!

Zoya Natterwala
Program Dean


The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning is Internationally recognised as an elite professional body, uniquely focused on serving the needs of Learning and Development Professionals. We are a globally recognised brand with a membership presence on every continent, and we pride ourselves on supporting and developing those who are responsible for the management and delivery of people development activities.

Our aim is to position L& D at the heart of organisations where they can drive improved performance, deliver business strategy and increase workforce capacity. L& D is then recognised as the true agent of change that it really is.

Our ‘ In- House slogan is “ Reclaiming the Profession for the Professionals”. This demands that we not only focus on the macro needs of making L& D organisationally relevant but also devoting ourselves to enabling individuals to be the best they possibly can be. To this end we have developed a Professional Development Framework.

The framework structure is both simple and flexible, and it provides a variety of pathways for the L& D professional to progress in their career in the world of learning. Our qualifications are universally recognised as a benchmark for professionalism.

It is our aim to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with Licensed Centres, this will help to enhance the learning experience and try to ensure that students are fully utilising the benefits of ITOL membership.

ITOL has International centers in Great Britain, Bahrain, Hong Kong, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nigeria, Qatar, Romania, Equatorial Guinea and Australia. It has a presence in more than 30 countries.

About the Program

ADLD is the first comprehensive and dedicated qualification offered for L&D professionals.

The ADLD program has been designed to provide organizations future-perfect learning leaders with strategic perspective, L&D process expertise, role-specific skills and exposure to contemporary tools and technologies, to help transform, grow, sustain and lead.

ADLD has been carefully nurtured, designed and delivered by top-notch global learning leaders.

This multi-modal, 50-credit higher diploma program offers 360 learning through 7 certification tracks (6 selectives and one elective), helping immerse into the learning functions and niche career focused specialization.

This ADLD is a future-perfect applied program for the now and the future.

“Our philosophy of work and life stems from the belief that each person has the potential to learn and grow ”

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals who want to make a career in L&D
  • HR/L&OD professionals who want to enhance performance through skill development
  • Freelance Trainers who are interested in progressing from trainer to L&D consultant
  • Seasonsed professionals and experts in various disciplines who want to migrate to L&D roles, or to do independent training/consulting/coaching 
  • Organizations nominating individuals/teams for leveraging learning for business growth and transformation
  • Start-up / Small & Medium business owners / Executives who need to set up their L&D function for scaling up their businesses

ADLD Program Design

  • 38 weeks of learning (9 months)
  • Total 50 Credits
  • 3 level of courses
    • Core
    • Selective
    • Elective
  • 7 Certification Tracks (6 selective + 1 elective)
  • Six 50-minute session equivalent ILT/ViLT every Fortnight
  • Self and Social Learning, Projects/Internships & Assessments
  • Number of courses: 6
  • Total Credits: 8
  • Delivery window: Weeks 1 to 8
  • Core courses:
    1. Learning function and roles
    2. Learning Theories and frameworks
    3. Learning Needs Assessment
    4. Designing Learning Programs
    5. Delivering Learning
    6. Measuring Learning effectiveness

PLUS: Project/Internship (2 weeks)

  • Number of Certification Tracks: 6
  • Courses per Track: 2-4, PLUS Project/Internship
  • Credit for each Track: 6
  • Total Credits: 36
  • Delivery window: Weeks 9 – 32
  • Certification Tracks:
    1. Learning Needs Assessment
    2. Design Thinking and Learning Design
    3. Learning Facilitation
    4. Learning Effectiveness Measurement
    5. Strategic L&D
    6. Learning Operations Management
  • Elective Certification Track to be taken: 1
  • Courses per Track: 2-4, PLUS Project/Internship
  • Credit for the Elective Track: 6
  • Total Credits: 6
  • Delivery window: Weeks 33 – 38
  • Elective Tracks:
    1. Instructional Design specialist
    2. Learning Content Developer
    3. LMS operations and Dashboards manager
    4. Leadership Development Specialist
    5. Behaviour skills programs specialist
    6. Sales programs specialist
    7. Designing and delivering virtual programs
    8. Psychometric assessments and applications
    9. Learning Engineering
    10. Coaching