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Business Builder Coaching


Why Become A Certified Strength Coach?

All of us have unique talents and the talents for entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs or business builders are crucial for starting, growing and sustaining thriving businesses.

The Business Builder Coaching Certification tells individuals ‘What they do at their jobs.’ This certification will help you to understand ‘the demands of the job for building a business.’’

How To Become A Certified Strengths Coach?

A 30 hours course

What is it in for you to be ‘The Certified Strengths Coach?’

  • Do your individual coaching practice
  • Get certified and be a part of global community

What opportunities you may have as a Certified Business Builder Coach?

  • Work closely with Leaders
  • Help Individuals, Teams, and Organizations leverage their Talents and
  • Turn them into Sustainable Strengths Giving them a Gargantuan Competitive Advantage