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The Search For The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine - Virtual Edition

Experience Mining Gold Online!

The majority of businesses have embraced the virtual workplace to varying degrees. This phase of the new normal drove us to consider the difficulties a virtual setup has for organizations. Mindset changes are necessary for factors like team collaboration, communication, and productivity enhancement. Performance Management Company sought to update and modernize The Search for The LOST DUTCHMAN’S GOLD MINE to cater to the virtual world’s needs.

The original, live edition of the game’s philosophy, fundamentals, compelling debriefing points, and engaging game-play remains intact in the game’s brand-new version, Lost Dutchman – Virtual. In the shift to this virtual model, we have gone to great lengths and breadths to maintain the interaction, group participation, balance, and overall group goals, objectives, and learning results.

Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine Virtual Edition Introduction

What Are The Pay-offs Of The Lost Dutchman - Virtual?



  • A built-in text chat box on the platform allows teams, individuals, and the facilitator to communicate readily.
  • Each participant has their own interactive screen, allowing them to actively participate in the event and be involved in team discussions.
  • Teams are formed with responsibilities allocated to participants; however, throughout the game, each team member has the capacity to engage and make decisions on behalf of the team, allowing the team and game to continue even in the case that one or more players are disconnected due to technical issues.


  • It works well with any commercial video chat service, including Zoom, Slack, and Skype, to enable live video conversation between participants and the facilitator.
  • Participants don’t need to download any software because LD-V is accessible through the most widely used online browsers, including Safari and Chrome, and runs on a web-based platform.
  • An optimized platform is provided by Firefox Edge Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine – Virtual, making it possible for even entry-level computers with a single monitor to play the game.

Ease Of Use

  • The interface of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine Virtual Edition is easy, user-friendly, and intuitive, enabling users to get started right away without any prior training or game-specific knowledge.
  • The platform provides an Expedition Leader Certification Program that serves as a train-the-trainer program so the game may be simply run internally or by a skilled facilitator.


  • With the addition of debriefing points focused on the benefits and challenges given by working in distant business contexts, Lost Dutchman retains all the core values and important learning points from the Live edition.
  • The facilitator now gets access to information not available in the live version, including detailed team map movement tracking, team communication, trades performed, and resources traded between or among teams, among other things.
  • For the debriefing, all information and statistics are easily accessible. We’ve provided a user-friendly debriefing package that makes it simple for the facilitator to see how the game is progressing overall, as well as how and when teams interacted during gameplay, how they played the game, and advice on how they can use this information to get the results they want for the organization.
Discover Lost Dutchman in its updated form, featuring improved takeaways and the same vigor and thrill as the original Dutchman on-site (classroom) version! The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine Virtual Edition will undoubtedly satisfy your expectations and go above and beyond, whether you’ve played Lost Dutchman before or are searching for a fun, dynamic, and engaging team-building activity that is full of learning outcomes for your organization. Fill out the below form to request a demonstration and get all your LD-V questions addressed.