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Executive Presence Program

Who are you? What kind of leader are you? Are you the kind of leader you perceive or do you want to rise above the level you are at right now? Let’s tread a simple trail, whenever you walk into a room or a meeting, are you able to grab the attention of the people you are talking to? Does your team look up to you during times of crisis or uncertainty? Are you aware of your unique strengths and leverage them for your professional growth? 

If there is even a smitch of doubt in any of the above questions, then you have landed in the right place! There is a fair chance that you look up to the people who bring a shift in the energy of the place when they make an entry. You stop what you are doing and pay attention to them. You sense a positive vibe filling the room, and you feel like something interesting is about to happen. It might feel that they are in the limelight of the meeting.

What makes them outshine the others? Presence, their Executive Presence (EP) is the key differentiator and crucial success factor that distinguishes them. 

Executive presence entitles you to establish your personal brand. Whether on purpose or unintentionally, everyone develops their own brand. It includes the all-encompassing strategy to make yourself known to the world. Your brand is ever-evolving, and it includes your speech patterns, personal appearance, and general demeanor, both in-person and online meetings. You are constantly letting people know who you are. Executive Presence is a perfect blend of these attributes.

Executive Presence is the ability to connect authentically with the thoughts and feelings of others. It is the result of certain ongoing choices you make, and actions you take or fail to take. It is the integration of three components:

The real power of Executive Presence falls into place when the integration of external, acumen, and core are completely congruent and authentic. When leaders with Executive Presence articulate their words, people listen! It is because their words are filled with conviction instead of equivocation. 

So, do you have it in you?

How To Shape The Executive Presence?

When it comes to shaping the Executive Presence, the six P’s play a sigma role. Let’s deep dive to know them better.



It alludes to your personal qualities and values. It encompasses a person’s views about oneself, other people, and the workplace environment. High emotional intelligence is a trait shared by those who have an executive presence and can help them interact with team members at all levels. Your ethics and values and how they affect your work are also parts of your persona.


It is the means by which you convey messages to other people. It’s the words and tools you employ while imparting knowledge or offering instructions. It is supported by your reputation, which lends significant authority to the information you share. It also refers to the methods you use to collect data and credit sources. People pay attention to an executive because they believe they are qualified to provide the information as well as because of their effective communication techniques.


The interactions in a business setting are established in an unwritten code of conduct of professional etiquette. In the professional world, displaying proper etiquette, along with mannerisms, and your dressing style can give you a competitive edge over others. While communication is the key to strengthening any personal and professional relationship, it stirs up your entire packaging. The packaging boosts your confidence to communicate with a wide spectrum of people irrespective of hierarchy.


presentation Your capacity to connect with people and inspire their confidence in you. It includes strong verbal and nonverbal communication abilities. It also entails the capacity to concentrate on a specific issue and determine how it impacts the objectives of the company. It makes people want to talk to you and collaborate with you.


It implies your effective team-leading skills. This covers a broad spectrum of abilities crucial for inspiring trust and confidence in a team. It encompasses the capacity to communicate, pay attention, lead, and delegate. Strong team leaders are also able to make choices that are advantageous to both the whole organization and specific team members.


It is your potential to carry out daily obligations with assurance. Leading or participating in meetings, giving presentations, or communicating with team members entails exercising boldness and poise. Confidence is influenced by a variety of characteristics, including nonverbal communication abilities and consistency in behaviors when speaking with team members of all ranks. If you want to assess these characteristics, then you should take the Executive Presence Assessment.

The Executive Presence Assessment

It is an exclusive instrument that provides an integrated look at how you take the action, and the thinking patterns you use to make any decision. It is better to identify your actual potential at the moment, then go ahead with understanding how these elements come together to amp up your Executive Presence.

Well, the mantra to create a more powerful Executive Presence is through following these steps:

Our Executive Presence Program offers senior executives updated frameworks in the Executive Management category.

This program intends to assist top executives in managing the disruptive forces that have accelerated the pace at which businesses innovate and function. It will teach you how to negotiate the complexities of leading in a world of perpetual change, inspire high-impact ideas through intentional inquiry, transform data into actionable insights, and solve multi-dimensional problems.

Our program helps executives improve their abilities by emphasizing agility, high-performance settings, and change implementation. It is designed to satisfy a wide range of personal and organizational development needs. As a result, you’ll emerge as an authentic leader capable of inspiring and motivating change.

Who Should Attend This Program?

This program is designed for skilled professionals, as their duties extend across their firm, they must improve their leadership and management skills. There is a vast scope of learning and development through in-person, online, and experiential training. It’s a flexible formula for accelerating your professional development in the kind of demanding, and rigorous atmosphere that has helped us become one of the top-ranked training and consulting firms.

Economic, social, and technological advancements have fundamentally altered the global workplace, putting new challenges on businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Organizations must be dynamic, strategic, and capable of producing a new sort of leader to meet these expectations. This new wave of leaders must have the ability to adapt to a more collaborative work environment while also possessing the knowledge to address modern business challenges in the face of the rapid technological shift.

Executive Presence Program will help the executives in the following ways:

Those who focus less on control and more on culture, people, and connections are the most successful in today’s business world. This program will teach you how to create an authentic culture that is continually engaged and innovative, resulting in higher levels of performance. You’ll become a better leader as a result of classroom instruction, interactive practice, and networking opportunities.

The water is hot at 211 degrees.
It boils at 212 degrees.
The boiling water generates steam.
Steam can power a locomotive.
It’s the one Extra Degree that makes all the difference!

The thing that distinguishes Ordinary and Extraordinary is the little EXTRA.
“And that little Extra – Your Presence speaks volumes before you say a word.”