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Embarking on his professional journey, Vaibhav considered himself lucky to have Uncle Sivaranjan as a seasoned mentor. Sivaranjan, a Vice President of a major corporation, became a source of wisdom, providing insights beyond the confines of textbooks. With Sivaranjan’s guidance, Vaibhav felt well-prepared and self-assured as he entered the professional arena.

Vaibhav was nominated by his employer for a three-day Design Thinking program after a year on the job. The first day of the program left him puzzled, grappling to fully grasp the significance of Design Thinking in his evolving career. Seeking clarity, he reached out to his mentor, Uncle Sivaranjan. Up to this point, they have delved into the Overview of Design Thinking, Decoding Design Thinking, and Nurturing India’s Future through the Indian Knowledge System.

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