Square Sequel

Priya, a software engineer, swamped with work for days had a critical project deadline right at the week’s corner. She was consumed with her work when she got a call from home, she looked at her screen in shock with her eyes wide open. It took her a while to come back to her senses when she realized her colleagues were looking at her with concern. 

She couldn’t think straight and had tears in her eyes, “It’s my mother, she is in critical care and needs urgent surgery.” She continued, “The deadline is in three days, what am I going to do?” “You should hurry to the hospital, work can wait.” She heard her boss, Tarun, who approached her desk to see what was happening over there. 

She looked at him and he reassured her by saying, “Your mother needs you. Don’t stress about work. Family comes first, we will manage work.”

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