Square Sequel

As Vaibhav delved into the world of professionalism, he found himself fortunate to have a seasoned mentor in his Uncle, Sivaranjan, Vice President of a major corporation. Sivaranjan, a beacon of wisdom in the corporate realm, was always eager to impart lessons that transcended the confines of textbooks. Fueled by this guidance, Vaibhav felt more prepared and confident as he ventured into the professional world.

A year into his job, Vaibhav’s company nominated him for a 3-day Design Thinking Program. The first day left him perplexed, struggling to grasp the significance of Design Thinking in his professional journey. Seeking clarity, he turned to his Uncle Sivaranjan. In the last article, Sivaranjan gave an overview of Design Thinking to Vaibhav, and recognizing Vaibhav’s eagerness to grasp the essence of Design Thinking, decided to delve deeper into this transformative approach.

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