Square Sequel

“Leave it better than you found it.” – Bruce A. Nordstrom

Design thinking is looking at the usual things with an unusual pair of glasses. It is all about having different perspectives about a single situation. The third stage of the Design Thinking process is Ideation, and it is the most rigorous of all. The job of the design thinker is to serve as many ideas as possible, for ideas lead to possible solutions. It is a way to challenge an assumption like exploring uncharted territory. 

It is one of the most exciting stages of Design Thinking, as its purpose is to choose the best idea out of a large number of ideas on the table. According to the d.school, “It is the stage where a team of thinkers concentrates on producing ideas. It is a mental process of going wide to draw outcomes and concepts. Ideation is a source of material to create prototypes while giving fuel to innovative solutions along the way.

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