Square Sequel

Innovation is the secret ingredient that keeps the cycle of progress and success going. We all experience problems in our day-to-day lives, these problems lead to the conflict of ideas, which further convert into creativity.

Finally, when there is a scope for enhancement or betterment in solving problems, this scope brings Design Thinking into the picture.

Design Thinking does not exclusively apply in our professional lives but it also touches the chords of our personal lives. If there hadn’t been innovation in art, we wouldn’t have experienced the rapid digital adoption of fine arts.

The Cleveland Museum of Art, for example, has integrated its online collection of over 61,000 artifacts with Slack to develop a daily ‘gamified’ exhibition enabling millions of Slack subscribers to participate in art that suits their mood, the season, or the events of the day.

Design Thinking is being taught at prominent colleges across the world, including MIT, Stanford, and Harvard, and some of the world’s biggest corporations, such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and GE, have quickly adopted the methodology.

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