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The word “Diwali” stirred excitement in me. I remember as a child I would look forward to the festivities which would set in after Dussehra. We would start enacting the situations from “Ram-Lila” (the story of Rama) and look forward to bursting crackers, eating sweets, and a new set of clothes. Diwali was always about giving and receiving gifts from the near and dear ones.

As I look back and blend the past with the present I am intrigued by giving. I have seen the power of giving in my life and my submission to myself and everyone this Diwali is to “give.” Let us make this Diwali more about giving and propagating happiness. Most of us believe that life is about – “give and take,” it’s time to change that paradigm and refrain from fathoming it as a give-and-take transaction. Instead, let’s take life as giving and receiving, “the more we give – the more we receive.”

When we master the art of giving we do so from the goodness of our hearts, with no ulterior motives. Giving is a blessing for both the giver and the receiver. It’s natural to think, “When I have more, I’ll give more.” If you have this mindset, you will never have enough of anything to give. Generosity is a joyful and befitting decision. Generosity stems from the belief that you have enough to share.

When we talk about giving, it is not restricted to money, it is about giving time to someone seeking your advice or company, driving someone older to their appointment who can’t drive safely anymore, or spending time with people in the old age home. This world is enigmatic and whatever we donate, we can give so much more than just material things.

Five things to give this Diwali


1. Give a gift of laughter

Laughter has the prowess to bring health, wellness, and happiness to others and us. It replenishes a soul psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually. We must find ways to make others laugh loud and often.

2. Give encouragement

Most of the people around us dwell on their fears and doubts. If we can gather courage and take a step towards inspiring them in our unique way, then it can trigger their license to act on their dreams. A pinch of inspiration could be life-changing for someone. This way we are a step closer to our mission – To make this world a better place.

3. Give someone a smile

Make someone smile. Do a random act of kindness. Always open the door for the person in front of you, or return your grocery cart. The list goes on and on. Kindness makes the giver, receiver, and anyone who witnesses the act happy!

4. Give money

Money is important, and almost everyone prefers to keep the most in their pockets. Giving money away is more difficult because it represents less for you. Give money to those in need. Give money because we rely on one another. Remember the law of reciprocity, the more you give the more you will receive.

5. Give without keeping score

Giving without expecting anything in return is true giving. Give when we can, not because we received something and want to repay the favor. Even if we are the last ones to give, be desirous while doing so.

When it comes to giving, it is epochal to ensure that neither the receiver nor the giver feels demeaned. ‘Do not let your left hand know what your right hand gives.’ The highest form of benevolence is without publicity or hype. Always make the act of giving a private sphere. After all, what we give is all we have and what we give was never truly ours.

It’s a fact that we came empty-handed and will leave the world just like that, however, we can give a part of ourselves to our community through our knowledge, generosity and kindness. The thing given to us was only with us for a brief duration. Why then take pride in giving away something that did not truly belong to us? Give with grace and a sense of gratitude.

The act of giving can create a ripple effect and may help somebody shape their life. This Diwali, let’s create a symphony by making things happen and emancipate our souls by being a giver!

Happy and prosperous Diwali to everyone!