Square Sequel

In the last article, when Jahnvi came across the term ‘servant leader,’ it appeared at odds with each other to her. It was then she decided to learn the ropes and implement it in her life as a first-time manager. Since she got promoted, she is leaving no stone unturned in her journey to understand the thumbprints of an efficacious leader. She wants to go above and beyond the responsibility of being an overseer for her team and seeks to develop and align her team’s sense of purpose with the organization’s goals. 

On her journey so far, she has unearthed the following concepts: the requisites of becoming a first-time manager, her values, locus of control, setting goals and achieving them, her learnings from The Strangest Secret, how to handle missed goals, an overview of feedback, the gateway to discovering the blindspot, frameworks of feedback, the concepts of feedforward, the overview of the interpersonal skills, the techniques to enhance interpersonal skills, better team management using people reading guide, the techniques to effectively manage a team, an overview of time management, the time management matrix, and the techniques to manage time effectively, the art of delegation, ways to consider capabilities of her team, the process to delegate effectively, unconscious bias, how to be an unbiased leader, strategies to eliminate biases at work, and the art of inspiring others.

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