Square Sequel

As a first-time manager, Jahnvi’s constant burn-out was affecting her eloquence to deal with work. She has been on an emotional rollercoaster of leadership and her journey started to be unnerving and spine-chilling with growing responsibilities. She was going to pieces and it was an indicator that she needed to upskill herself. 

Up until now, she got the wind of the requisites of becoming a first-time manager, her values, locus of control, setting goals and achieving them, her learnings from The Strangest Secret, how to handle the missed goals, an overview of feedback, the gateway to discovering the blind spot, frameworks of feedback, the concepts of feedforward, the overview of the interpersonal skills, the techniques to enhance interpersonal skills, better team management using people reading guide, techniques to effectively manage a team, an overview of time management, the time management matrix, and the techniques to manage time effectively, she is comprehensively exploring the art of delegation, and ways to consider capabilities of her team.

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