Square Sequel

“Our mind, emotions, and body are the instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life.” – Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Well-educated, well-established, doing well for herself, earning a fat paycheck, Nimisha seems to be living the life of her dreams. People aspire to be like her. Everything seems great, right? It does, however, it isn’t!

Nimisha is literally working 24/7 and in the process, she is not realizing the kind of impact this work routine is having on her physical as well as mental well being. Her eating schedule is erratic and more often than not she ends up eating junk food. She is facing a tough time in managing her team members who are working remotely.

Though she loves her job, she feels anxious at times and occasionally she gets panic attacks. She apparently overlooks herself and snaps at others for minor mistakes. It gets even scarier when she finds herself feeling sick every month despite carefully monitoring her well being. What exactly is the problem?

It seems that despite living a high-flying life, she is unaware of the impact the work environment is having on her body. In a recent visit to her doctor for her health checkup, the conversation around the mind and body connection happened and this further intrigued Nimisha and she thought of understanding the concept in detail and how it impacts the entire body and its functioning.

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