Square Sequel

The new year is around the corner! I will finally work on myself! Enough postponing, it is time to work on the plan that is tasting dust on the back of the shelf! Only two days to the new year and I am all set to work on my resolutions. Just a day away, nothing can keep me this year from getting face-to-face with my resolutions. 

Well… It is the third week of January. Why is it so challenging to keep up with my resolutions? It’s the third time I am trying and failing to be consistent!

Sounds relatable! Have you also been experiencing an on-and-off relationship with your resolutions? If yes, then you are not the only one. Researchers say that only 9 percent of people who make the resolutions complete them and the research shows that 23 percent of people quit their resolutions after the first week, and 43 percent quit by the end of the month.

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