Square Sequel

Vaibhav has recently passed out of college and already has a number of interviews lined up. He was good at his academics, however, he is hesitant to see the uncharted trails to the requisites of the corporate world. Though he had excellent training and learning experiences in his college, he was anxious about transitioning experience to the new climate. While in school and college, there were fixed junctures of going from one class to the next, and now the uncertainty was setting in and he was not sure of his first right step.

While he was searching for inspiration from different sources, he suddenly remembered that one of his uncles is a vice president in one of the major corporations and he once told Vaibhav to reach out to him whenever needed. He quickly hopped to ring his uncle. Vaibhav poured his heart out in the conversation and told him about his challenges with a sense of direction. His uncle, Sivaranjan, asked him to meet. Vaibhav was on the time at the rendezvous point and making a list of questions.

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