Square Sequel

Riddhi is a huge shopaholic, who keeps exploring new websites to buy things. One day while shuffling through some apparel websites, she really liked a dress and instantly clicked the button “Buy Now.” She was ecstatic and excited to receive the box of happiness, and she started waiting for the parcel to arrive. When she finally received her parcel and tried that dress, to her surprise it had patches of faded color on it. There was an instant shift in the curve on her face. 

She went through the terms to initiate a return and found that she had to mail a video of the dress along with the order details. She was on it the next moment, and she even called the customer service representative, and they helped her through the process of initiating a successful return with the condition of selecting some other dress in exchange. They even walked her through the relevant options based on her preferences. She did not expect such a response from a less-known website, however, she had a pleasant experience with them.

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