Square Sequel

In his best-selling book “Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life,” Eric Greitens, a former Rhodes Scholar and Navy SEAL, writes:

“What is the first thing you’d ask for if you sat down in your living room and got a giant bag of jigsaw puzzle pieces on a table in front of you and asked to put all the pieces together?”

“The guesses are you’d want a picture.” You’d want to know how everything fits together. You’d be curious to know what you’re attempting to create. Here’s the thing: Life only gives you bits and pieces. You have to figure out how to connect them.

“Your life doesn’t happen with a picture of how it should appear on a package. You must — you have the right to — pick that image for yourself. And you pick it by looking for a model of a well-lived life. That’s your image.”

And if you haven’t guessed, the model picture stated above is that of a ‘Mentor’.

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