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Wishes, we make wishes with every sigh we take, but do they come true? A couple of years back, I remember visualizing that I am spending an evening in the Dublin Art Gallery. The moment I was thinking about it, I was excited, literally head over heels to fulfill my wish, but the next moment, I dumped it in the “later in life” bin!

Why does it happen? In one moment our wishes make us ecstatically happy, the other we completely forget about them? Then we start mourning over our luck, and end up blaming the universe for how unfulfilling our lives are! 

So, how to breathe life in our wishes? How would our life look like if we know the science behind fulfilling our wishes, and can have anything we wish. How does it sound? Some of us may be aware of wishful thinking, and for some it might be a new topic to explore. Let us make you transcend the exceptional life that each one of us deserve on this planet.

1. Declutter your space

A great new beginning initiates with throwing away everything that is weighing you down, and that does not define you anymore. To truly declutter and organize your space, take everything out, divide them into keep and discard.

It will be easier to decide what to keep and how to organize it once you have it all in front of you. Clean up your space and especially your phone. The things that give you low energy, not benefit you in any way. But it all applies to your own space, and to the things that belong to you. Lastly, write your experience down about how you feel after decluttering your space.

2. Attract abundance in your life

The journey of your wish-craft begins when you put an unshakable faith in the superior power. When you believe that you have an abundant life and you are an abundant self. This universe is there to accept your desires and make them come your way. Your beliefs are your coordinates and if you think your wishes will come true, then you will receive an abundance in life. 

But, you have to have the courage to ask beyond what you think is your limit. Let’s understand it with an example, suppose you go to a restaurant and the menu is unlimited, it has anything to everything that you could ever order. So, you place your order and do not think about the process of how it will get to your table? You know that in a couple of minutes it will be there. 

The same goes with asking from the universe, placing your orders with complete faith that your wishes will make their way to you. As it is now the responsibility of the universe to successfully deliver your desired order. Once you are content with accepting the abundance of life, you will know exactly what you want from the universe, which is an out and out giver.

3. Make a list of wishes

Start with making a list of 10 wishes, and give a respective timeline to them. Your brain might resist the changes you make, but you will have to tell your brain to shut up and follow your instructions.

How to draft a wish?

If you choose the wrong formula in mathematics, you will get the wrong answer. The same goes with wishes, every word you draft impacts the end result. Your feelings play an important role while making wish crafting. The wishes should be ecological, the words should be positive, and when you read your wish, it should make you happy.

Sometimes what you visualize as your wish does not match the frequency of the words you wrote, and it can give you a half-baked wish. Like, your wish is to start a business and you visualize your office to have a beautiful view. You spend your energy on starting your business, but for some reason, you cannot go ahead with it. But after some time, you have to relocate for your new job and the office has the same beautiful view that you visualized for your own office. So, you got that office with a beautiful view, but it’s not your own company.

So, be very mindful and thoughtful of the words you use for your wishes. They can make or break the definition of your wishes. 

What is the Mechanics of Wish Making?

First of all, you have to understand that the wishes you are making are solely for you. You cannot make them for the people you love in the anticipation of doing something good for them. Your wishes are the reflection of your needs, not that of your loved ones. So focus on what you need, and make thoughtful wishes.

  • Take a diary or a notebook, write down your 10 wishes. Always use positive words while making your wish list. The context and text of the wish should be clear to you.
  • Start your wishes with, I have… your words should reflect the feeling that you already have what you want. As you think, you will receive because the words we use, our brain connects with them. 
  • Be very specific, like you want a job, it should reflect the kind of job you want. You have to be succinct, first, imagine the kind of job you want, and then write it down. E.g. I have a job where I enhance my skills, find work-life balance, and grow intellectually and financially.
  • Always write down the end result of your wish. Like, if you want a vacation, then write it down like this; I go on vacation twice a year with my family where I explore different countries.
  • Wish for something that genuinely makes you happy, but not to impress others.
  • Your wishes should be ecological, they should not hurt anyone in any manner.

As wishes are an anchor to improve the future conditions. So, once you complete the list, read it out loud, are the words resonating with your heart’s desire? Are they clearing the path ahead for you? 

Are they providing you with a stepwise roadmap for a better future? If the answer to all the questions is yes, then you can hop on to the next level. Else, sit in a calm place, close your eyes and do a little thinking for the things you want to turn into reality.

4. Create your inner balance and harmony


Make sure you are making the right steps to your ultimate wish. You should have the confidence to move forward or make progress towards your goal. If you are escaping from your reality due to low confidence or no harmony, then it’s time to say hello to your deepest fears.

These fears have the tendency to keep you from giving your hundred per cent in any situation. 

They restrict you from being your best version. These fears can hinder your success, can make you step backwards, or can keep you from your actual happiness. You have to break through these fears to make real progress in your life. 

What to do? 

Confront your fears, train your brain never to fall for the fears as they are mostly the clouds of your imaginations. Pour all your fears on a piece of paper, look at them one last time, and turn them into ashes. This activity will lift tons of burden from your body and soul, and you will be able to focus on all the good things better than before.

5. Overcome your limiting beliefs

My father always told me not to take pictures with a setting sun, according to him it is a bad omen to get along with a setting sun. I never questioned him or the fact why it was a bad omen, and it was engraved in my system. 

I started to pass on the belief, and as we all are a little superstitious of bad omens, we quickly make a shift of having a bad eye towards such instances. Until I came across another beautiful fact, that the sun never sets, it just sinks down to light up some other place. 

I broke through the limiting belief engraved in my mind since childhood, and started enjoying one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on earth. 

Your limiting beliefs curb your power of imagination and have a negative impact on your lives. They may prevent you from making good decisions, pursuing new chances, or realizing your full potential. 

Limiting beliefs will pull you down with negativity and will keep you from enjoying the life you actually desire.

What to do? 

Make a list of your limiting beliefs, and not all of them might be negative, some might work for you. Look at the list, and identify the ones which have restricted you in some way or the other. Like if a black cat crosses your path, wait for some time before going ahead, or something bad will happen. 

Transform all of them into positive statements as I did for the sunset. Something good or bad will only happen if you strongly believe them. So, change the direction of your limiting beliefs, and mold them as you want to live them. 

Make sure the new statements do not be the arguments to the older ones, just the positive face of them. For example, it is not possible for a girl and a boy to be friends, it is possible to have friends regardless of gender.

Once you leave the grounds of your limiting beliefs, you will breakthrough to a new level of your life. This practice is not meant to be done just once in your life, but every new level will introduce you to something new, and you will have to work on it accordingly.

6. Establishing new beliefs

Make a conscious choice of what you want to believe, choose to go for the positive beliefs, and erase your old beliefs. It is a very healthy personal responsibility. 

The best way to establish new beliefs is to notice more such limiting beliefs on your journey ahead and change them. You will have to make mindful efforts to find such examples conforming to your new system of beliefs. 

What to do? 

Sit somewhere quiet, read out the list of limiting beliefs that you had and imagine your life ahead with those in your system. Imagine how they have and will affect your life in the next coming years. 

Feel the changes those thoughts are bringing in your body, the discomfort or the uneasiness, and stay with the feeling. 

Now change your position, sit somewhere else and read out the changes you made by transforming your beliefs positively. Imagine the way you get along with your life, the changes they are bringing in your life, and then again stay with the feeling. At the end of this activity, your body will tell you what to choose for your life.

7. Execution of the wishes

Now that you have a list, the feeling attached to your wishes, and it is all written down on a piece of paper, give them a path. Write down the three steps to getting closer to your wishes. 

Once you define a destination or goal, the brain automatically activates its GPS, as it works in Google maps. You enter your destination, and rest, the app takes care of the journey. 

You have learnt a lot, given your mind a fresh breeze, and it’s time to get down to business. You do not have to take a giant leap to get to your wish, but baby steps, and one step at a time to make them come true.


Fears and limitations make you step backwards, but when you face them, they are nothing but your imagination. Now that you have taken your fears and limitations out of your system, nothing can stop you. 

You are in the flow, there is no fear, no limitation, and now is the time to live up to your highest self. Live everyday with open eyes, say yes, be gracious, and let the changes sink into your soul. 

Once you master the art of looking at the bright side, you will generate healthy and positive thoughts automatically. Your subconscious brain will drive you in the right direction and you will be able to make your wishes come true. 

The art of making your wishes come true is more about practice and less about theory. Amidst working on your wishes, enjoy the process, take it easy, and your wishes will come true naturally.

Written by Afreen Fatima
Content and Community Manager
Society of Design Thinking Professionals