Square Sequel

“Transference is when you have feelings about someone from your past, like a parent or friend, and you unintentionally direct those feelings toward someone in your present life, like a coworker or boss.”

Imagine this scenario: Sometimes, you store food in the fridge and forget about it. Over time, the food goes bad. You open the fridge, find the spoiled food, and realize it’s been sitting in the fridge for a long time, taking up the space and stinking.

Now, think of your mind like that refrigerator. Instead of food, you store feelings, emotions, and memories from your past. These feelings might be linked to important people in your life, like your parents or friends. Over time, you might forget about these old emotions, however, they are still there. Sometimes, they resurface, especially when someone in your present life reminds you of those people from your past.

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