Square Sequel

Vaibhav has marked off his graduation and just like any other graduate, he thought he was out of the woods, only to realize that the woods were staring right at him at the gates of the corporate world. He was perturbed by the idea of facing interviews and was getting first-job jitters every now and then. He called his uncle, Sivaranjan to light the way through his journey to the professional world. Sivaranajan is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the corporate world.

Vaibhav, we are on the verge of concluding the effective communication skills with today’s discussion, and I hope you have had a good grasp of everything that we have covered so far, Sivarajan said in an intense voice. Uncle, how can I not get a good hold of all that we have discussed till now when you have articulated them so comprehensively, stated Vaibhav.

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